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    My Story

    I have worked in acute care (hospitals) and community health care teams for many years.  Several years ago, I had to leave my job in the local community team (management had ideas about making all staff full-time despite family commitments).  This helped me to pursue another dimension of my career - I studied lymphoedema therapy and cancer care - and here we are today.  I went to massage school in Texas and improved my massage techniques dramatically.  With my knowledge of the human body, injuries and sickness, the lymphatic system and the cancer journey, I have developed a passion for doing massage that eases people's stress levels, pain levels and oedema levels.  And I also assist people in achieving their mobility issues with exercise advice and guidance.  I enjoy helping people and seeing them feel better after a session with me.  Sessions are at least 60 minutes long, and I try to give the client as much time as they need to off-load issues and address stuff that is important to them.  My care is client-focused.  

    Since April 2022 I have worked in my clinic in Hurlstone Park - my primary mode of treatment here is massage and education.  Occasionally I will measure clients for compression garments or provide lymphoedema bandaging for reducing the size of limb/s.   Mobile (in-home) services are available, mainly for those that cannot leave their home.

    What does Lymphaction mean?  This is the 'word' that came to my mind as I embarked on lymphoedema therapy.  I am a lymphoedema therapist who wants to take action on people's lymph system/lymphoedema, and I want clients to take action too!!  Let's get into LYMPHACTION! 


    Email me at, or call/text me on 0414 722 168

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