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Clare Landy, Physiotherapist
Certified Lymphoedema Therapist
Massage Therapist

I have been a registered physiotherapist in Australia since 1989.  I have worked as a therapist in many settings over the years (community, hospital, rehabilitation, private sector).  In 2013 I attended a Complex Lymphoedema Therapy course, where I learned the skills of applying CDT (complex/complete decongestive therapy) to clients with lymphoedema.  I then went on to take further trainings in lymphoedema therapy and cancer care.  In 2015 I moved with my family to Austin, Texas (USA) where I completed a Massage Therapy course, and Oncology Massage Course.  I also retook CDT/CLT training and gained the title, CLT-LANA (Certified Lymphoedema Therapist – Lymphology Association of North America).  I returned to Australia with my family at the end of 2019.

In 2023 I completed a Wound Management course for Lymphoedema Therapists at Macquarie University. In February 2024 I will train with Emma Holly in Oncology Scar Massage.


I am a member of the following organisations:  Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA), Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), and the Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM).  I am fully vaccinated against Covid, and am happy to wear a mask during sessions if/when required.


I enjoy working most with people with chronic health conditions, helping them to feel and move better.

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