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Clare Landy

Oncology Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist
Lymphoedema Therapist

Clare is a physiotherapist/lymphoedema therapist with massage therapy and oncology massage training 




Back Massage

Massage and Manual Therapy - Medical and Relaxation

Welcome.  My name is Clare Landy.  I am a Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist, specialising in relaxation, oncology and lymphoedema/lymphatic massage and lymphoedema treatment.  I have extensive experience working with the elderly, post-op/acute, chronic conditions and during/post cancer treatment.


I am a gentle therapist, providing massage and manual therapy to those with the following conditions: chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic neurological problems, frail elderly, chronic swelling in body, lymphoedema (primary and secondary) and many more.  I have Oncology Massage Training from the USA, to allow me to treat cancer patients safely.  I am a certified Lymphoedema Therapist.  Just call to discuss your problems and to see if I can help you. If clients cannot come to my clinic in Hurlstone Park and live locally, I can visit clients in their homes, and treat either on their own beds, or provide a massage table or chair. The aim of the treatments is to provide relief from discomfort, reduce swelling/oedema,  to help restore and/or improve function, and to promote relaxation.  


A well-known gentle form of massage, helpful in providing relief from many ailments. It is great for relaxation, pain relief and improving joint range of motion.


A gentle and safe massage experience, where the therapist designs a specific treatment plan with the client's medical and personal needs considered.  


This is a gentle form of massage designed to move stagnant lymph fluid from areas in the body where it is trapped. It is especially useful during and post cancer treatment, and post surgery. It is also essential in the management of primary and secondary lymphedema.  People with chronic venous congestion (swelling in lower legs) would benefit from this massage along with prescription of compression garments.  MLD is also recommended for ladies with lipedema.

As well as massage, an important component of my treatments includes education in self-care and maintenance.


A massage session designed to address any areas of concern and/or for comfort and relaxation, taking care to promote movement and healing.


I am able to help people with acute and chronic health conditions.  Are you having trouble getting out of chair?  Are you losing your balance?  Do you have pain when walking or getting dressed?  Have you got reduced movement and function following surgery or illness?  I can design an exercise program and can assist you with getting back to being your best.  I can also recommend equipment that may facilitate a safer and better quality of life.  Don't give in to your ailments!  Just call me for advice and I'll see if I can help you get back on track.  If I can't help, I'll try to find someone that can.  Modalities I use include:

  • manual therapy - soft tissue mobilisation, stretches to soft tissue and joints

  • manual lymphatic drainage massage

  • education

  • exercise prescription - for strengthening, improving balance, posture correction etc

  • garment prescription (compression for swelling)

  • rehabilitation - motor relearning, strengthening, carer advice and education

  • respiratory support - breathing exercises, clearance of secretions

  • cancer rehabilitation - assisting someone during/post cancer treatment to recover!


Helping people feel better.  Helping people to understand their condition and how to improve their health and well-being. Helping people relax.  Supporting clients holistically.

Swedish Massage
Laptop Work


For more information about Clare Landy and her services - if you have any questions about your condition and treatment options please feel free to contact me at any time!  If I do not respond to your email, please call me or text me on 0414 722 168

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Australia - 0414 722 168

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