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Happy New Year, please!!!

We live in interesting times. Covid is still rampant in many countries across the world. Thankfully, I can still practise as a massage/physiotherapist at this time, and vaccinations are on the horizon which will hopefully boost the defence of the most vulnerable in our community. Anyways, we are into the new year of 2021. This year will see me consolidate my weekly schedule. I hope to be working at a clinic in the eastern suburbs (cancer rehabilitation), and continue my home visits in the Inner West and other areas of Sydney if clients need me and I have the time to get to them and treat them. I also plan on continuing treatment in Summer Hill on the weekend. Sadly, I have resigned from Meals on Wheels for the time being as time was the issue - just running out of it. My children are about to go back to school - I look forward to seeing them grow and learn and continue to evolve into charming young men. I am busy walking our puppy, Tony (toy cavoodle), several times a day. He is a total joy - lots of laughs, exercise and love. I look forward to maybe getting one day 'off' a week - for the domestic bliss work of looking after the family - and maybe getting some more exercise and fresh air. Our local pool has reopened and I am totally enjoying the aqua exercise sessions - great for my fitness and my aching joints. Best wish to y'all for 2021!

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