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On the road again, again!!!

Hi y'all. I have had the most excellent week, after the most boring school holidays ever. The children returned to school, albeit on-line, this week. I had a wonderful day on Wednesday delivering Meals on Wheels (I'm going to stick to this gig - what a joy, making sure the elderly and vulnerable in our community can be nourished). I had a totally excellent day yesterday, donating plasma at Town Hall Red Cross Blood Bank (I've locked that activity in for every 2 weeks to help them keep supplies up). And, I returned to work, seeing 4 clients so far this week, and another booked for tomorrow. These are my clients for mobile massage or general community support. So, I am getting busy again and out-and-about - which certainly floats my boat! I am vigilant for any signs of Covid in the community (clients, family and myself) - and hope and pray that this pandemic will soon be a distant memory. Oh, my! In the meantime, stay well, keep smiling, and call me for a massage if you need some TLC!

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