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Well, what does CRIM mean, and why am I writing about it? CRIM stands for Cancer Rehab and Integrative Medicine. This is a practice of health care providers, dedicated to the care and support of cancer survivors in Austin. It was started by an amazing young physical therapist, Angela Wicker-Ramos. She has been developing a holistic patient centered care team for the last several years. Initially, I understand, she had herself, an acupuncturist and a massage therapist. From there, she has brought on board a dietitian, more acupuncturists, runs several classes and many free education sessions. In 2019, she has moved from her small practice on W Koenig Lane to a larger space where she can incorporate more therapists. I have been fortunate to be asked by Angela to join her care team, and plan on starting working there in February 2019. I will be there on Tuesday's 10am-10pm (family permitting!). I look forward to being able to support clients from North Austin. I will also continue my mobile services in South Austin (and wherever clients need me to go, time permitting).