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Lymphedema therapy and advancements in science

There has been a recent explosion (my observation) in studies coming out about lymphatics and lymphedema. More people in the medical and research worlds are looking for better ways of diagnosing and managing/curing this condition. Due to my inability to work as a lymphedema therapist in this location (insurance does not pay for massage therapy - well, rarely), I am about to undertake the Klose Lymphedema Therapy Certification training in January 2019, which will 'refresh' my knowledge of lymphedema, increase my awareness of current best practices and trends, and hopefully give me a 'certification' that will be recognized by clinics in the US and my 'employability' in a better-funded role. So, what's new out there? Do people really need MLD from a therapist, or just better self-management routines? Do people really need pneumatic compression devices? What is/are the best garments for day and night use? I am going to go into this course with plenty of questions, and may not get them all answered. At the least, I will be more up-to-date in treatment protocols, and practice my bandaging skills. And meet more awesome therapists. On top of that, I have enrolled to attend 2 major 2019 Lymphedema Conferences in May and June (Klose in Denver; ILF in Chicago) - this will further enhance my knowledge, and I will get to mingle with many international therapists/researches, and a few Australians too. It is a small world. I look forward to 2019 with gusto! Better knowledge, better care.

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