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Back to school, and back to massage!

What an exciting time it is. Austin is hot, and the kids are getting fidgety. Yes, we are in the full swing of summer, but the vacation is drawing to an end. The boys and I have had a great time over summer visiting Australia (which was in winter) and family, and then hopping over to Vancouver to see some friends. And of course we have eaten lots of wonderful food and grown some more (the boys are taller, and I am wider). I have had some time to think about time management and self-care. When I started working a year ago in Austin, sessions were slow to get booked, but come 2018, things got 'crazy busy'. I love to massage and I hate to say no to anyone who needs one. So as not to impact on my self-care time and the demands the boys (and school) place on me, I am restricting my session availability somewhat. Check the note in Appointment Times - and if you need a massage, book ahead if possible so that you are not disappointed. Sometimes I can take last minute bookings, but this will be less likely with only designated spots during the week. I also know some other wonderful massage therapists, so if I am not available, I may recommend someone else. In my 'spare time', I will continue to work on my fitness and continue in my role as Lead Therapist for Oncology Massage Alliance at Texas Oncology South.

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