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March is ......

... Lymphedema Awareness Month, and National Sleep Awareness Month.

How do I know these things? Well, I am a lymphedema therapist - so I know that every year (in Australia), many lymphedema therapists and clients work hard to get the information out regarding this disorder and the need to improve services, funding and research. If you have any questions regarding this condition or need help, please contact me. I'm happy to help out as much as I can.

Now, for the sleep month - I do on-call massage for a company called Zeel. Yesterday, I was forewarned that there may be an increased number of requests for "sleep massage" this month. Zeel offers clients several different types of massage including "Sleep". This is a massage that is aimed at inducing a deep state of relaxation. I liken it to "Swedish with Lavender". Most of my table massages are sleep massages - clients relax, and look quite sleepy after them! I really enjoy providing both Swedish and Lymphatic Massages - there are many similarities between the two styles.

I have also been busy this month with working, and speaking at the Texas Oncology Survive and Thrive Summit last weekend. What an honor to help represent Integrative Oncology Care. Texas Oncology provided a wonderful day for those living with a cancer diagnosis - distinguished speakers (a great mix of healthcare professionals and cancer survivors). And yesterday I attended an MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) review day with Nicola McGill of Klose Training. In 3 days' time I'll be attending the Burns Survivor Training day with Jen Hartley - and then my family and I will be off to NOLA for a well-earned rest and some fun in a new city (new to us!).

I must remember to wear my compression stockings for the trip to New Orleans - not a long flight, but sitting around for a length of time, and walking around in humid weather is probably going to challenge my lymphatic system somewhat. And most importantly, I must keep drinking plenty of water!

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