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Launching my mobile massage services on August 21

I am so excited to be able to deliver massage therapy services to the people of South West Austin and surrounding areas. I have been busy getting fit so that I am strong and able to carry my table all over this beautiful city. This week, I am off to Dallas to attend a training day for the prescription of Sigvaris compression garments/stockings. It will be great to get to know the local reps, and continue to build up a network of supports and agencies that can help my clients with swelling and garmenting issues. Soon I will receive my orientation to the local oncology services so that I can volunteer my services in the chemotherapy infusion rooms. I hope that I can juggle all the training and volunteer duties that I have with family life and client needs! I also hope to provide regular relaxation/swedish massage services to my neighbourhood of Shady Hollow. Now, back to a bit of self-care - drinking plenty of water, doing some exercise (off to the pool), and chasing my boys around the house!

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